E-sports FIFA world cup is coming?

Recently FIFA will work with EA, held the world’s first e-sports version of the World Cup, FIFA game players around the world decided to compete for FIFA game champion. One of the world’s three major tournaments – the FIFA World Cup is the world’s highest honor, highest standard, highest level of competition, the highest profile

A-League Top 10 FIFA 18 players Ratings In FIFA 18

FIFA 18 at the end of the month will be publicly listed, all FIFA series players are waiting for the arrival of this moment. Some players through early access service can advance landing FIFA 18 game service. What are the players looking forward to? Is fifa 18 new features, new improvements or their favorite players

Hey! I want show you some details of FIFA 18!

Hey! Gamers, I know you are super-excited to read this one. Surely, you cannot miss this out. But this time it is going to be something very unexpected and amazing. The FIFA 18 is coming up with a bang and varied new extraordinary features. FIFA is a series of various consecutive football games that are